Under What Authority

The recent legislation that protects unborn children may seem like a great reason to celebrate, but hold off for a moment. You see, we cannot count it as a victory when men take authority over His law, even when it seems in our favor. When any government has authority on matters such as this, they have the potential to make it go in any direction they wish, and contrary to popular belief it has no bearing on who holds office. It's important to remember that the most cruel and violent governments have always been religious ones. While people such as Ravi Zacharias point to China's cultural revolution as an example of secular government's tyranny, he is clearly not aware of the Taiping Rebellion (Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement). This war with the highest casualty rate ever, was a religious war. The Spanish Inquisition is the prime example of religious government. While today christians run around pretending like sharia law is a vile construct of the worst villains in global history, I'm pretty sure that the Europeans on either side of the Thirty Years' War would find sharia law a splendid compromise. Until we give all authority to the Father in Heaven, and humble ourselves before Him, we will not know peace. The Messiah taught that we would always have the poor among us. In an unrighteous system, this means no peace. There are those who are not His dwelling among us (thorns), and will be until the end of all things. So in a world of wheat and tares we must be the Light, and cut off (push out - not harm) those who practice lawlessness. 

We cannot legislate morality (Pharisaism). It didn't work for the Israelites of old, nor will it work for us. If we do not "Love the Father" (obey His Commands) there will be no peace on these matters. So unless you can somehow convince a whole nation of mingled (Holy/profane) peoples to give up their petty political thrones, and collectively follow His perfect Law out of Love and humility... don't expect a Righteous system anytime soon. We have to restore His Law in our lives, and in our community, cut off transgressors by crowding them out like the weeds/thorns they are, and hope that it spreads from there.

Being Wheat is inherently a "grass-roots" kinda deal. I believe this was the mind of the Apostles as taught by Messiah, and I believe it worked up until religion and government overshadowed the Light in the field. Now these institutions deliberately sow mingled seed into the world under the illusion of light.